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Carbide Thread Mill for Precise and Efficient Thread Milling

Our Carbide Thread Mill is a high-quality cutting tool designed for precise and efficient thread milling. Made from premium-grade carbide material, it is built to last and deliver consistent and accurate results even on the toughest materials.

Technical Specifications

Material: Premium-grade carbide
Thread Type: Internal and external threads
Diameter: From 1/8″ to 1″ or Metric
Thread Pitch: From 24 to 4 TPI or Metric
Flute Count: 2-4 flutes
Coating: TiAlN or TiN
Features and Benefits

High-quality carbide material for durability and long-lasting performance
Precise and efficient thread milling for consistent and accurate results
Internal and external threading capabilities for versatility in use
Wide range of diameter and thread pitch options to fit different applications
TiAlN or TiN coating for improved wear resistance and longer tool life
2-4 flutes for improved chip evacuation and better surface finish

Our Carbide Thread Mill is suitable for a wide range of threading applications, including:

Automotive and aerospace industries
Medical equipment manufacturing
Firearms and defense industries
Oil and gas equipment manufacturing
General machining applications
Ordering Information

To order our Carbide Thread Mill, simply select the diameter, thread pitch, and coating option that fits your needs. Contact us for any custom requirements or bulk orders.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any further assistance.

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